Work in progress

I am currently working on the following papers (at various different stages of preparation):

  • “Memory as a cognitive kind. Brains, remembering dyads and exograms,” forthcoming 2015 in C. Kendig (ed.), Natural Kinds and Classification in Scientific Practice. London: Pickering & Chatto.
  • “Improving social welfare: Merits and challenges of nudge, boost and design”
    (ongoing research, w/ Ehrig, Katsikopoulos, Kuorikoski, and Sunder; part of a forthcoming special issue)
  • “The epistemic role of virtual experiments. An inferential approach,” submitted to journal special issue
    (w/ Jaakko Kuorikoski)
  • “Navigating an epistemic landscape: Foraging vs. broadcasting as models of socially distributed problem-solving”, presented at Agent-Based Modeling in Philosophy, LMU Munich, December 2014.
  • “Sidestepping complexity. Rational analysis explanations in cognitive science”
    (presented at Causality and Complexity in the Sciences, Cologne)
  • “Kokeellinen yhteiskuntatiede” [“Experimental social science”], forthcoming
    in Kaidesoja, T; Kankainen, T; & Ylikoski, P (eds.) Syistä Selityksiin – Kausaliteetti ja selittäminen yhteiskuntatieteissä [From Causes to Explanations: Causality and explanation in the social sciences]
    (w/ Jaakko Kuorikoski
  • Early drafts: 
  • Science without natural kinds”
  • “Category-based induction as mechanistic extrapolation”

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