Work in progress

I am currently (10/2017) working on the following papers (at various different stages of preparation):

  • “Limitations of behaviorally informed policy under social interaction”
    (w/ Ehrig, Katsikopoulos, Kuorikoski, and Sunder; in review in the Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 10/2017)
  • “Arguments, not experiments.” A manuscript on the semantics and epistemology of modeling in science
    (w/ Jaakko Kuorikoski, in review)
  • Boundary concepts in interdisciplinary research
    (in preparation, to be published in an edited volume on the philosophy of interdisciplinarity)
  • “Should problem-solvers really ignore their peers? An online experimental study of the less-is-more effect in group-problem solving.”
    (w/ Molleman, Yahosseini, in preparation)
  • “What is mechanistic evidence and why do we need it for behavioral policy?” 
    (w/ Caterina Marchionni, in review)
  • “Nudge yourself”
    (w/ Ralph Hertwig, in preparation)
  • “Onko tiede rikki? Mallit ja simulaatiot tieteentekijän työvälineinä.” Is science broken? Models and simulations in science studies.
    (in preparation, to be submitted to Tiedepolitiikka, a Finnish science policy journal)
  • “Tieteenfilosofia” (Philosophy of Science). Entry in the Logos encyclopedia.
    (w/ Tomi Kokkonen)

Early drafts: 

  • “Bias through consensus – objectivity through diversity. Simulating the effects of the presence of marginalized groups for the argumentative dynamics of scientific inquiry”

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